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@Fox marks 25th anniversary of Exxon Valdez spill by brushing off #Galveston oil spill as “distraction” from Keystone XL pipeline approval. 
Texas, March 2014

@Fox marks 25th anniversary of Exxon Valdez spill by brushing off #Galveston oil spill as “distraction” from Keystone XL pipeline approval.


Texas, March 2014

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It's the beginning of #CherokeeDays at #NMAI - #WaveOfAction -

activistworldnewsnow - #live streaming video of #WaveOfAction #NYC #London -

The Worldwide Wave of Action begins today! Follow the #WaveofAction hashtag to keep up on actions worldwide. As actions begin to unfold, here’s a roundup of recent content to help set the tone…

MLK Rides the #WaveOfAction

Why I Support the Worldwide Wave of Action, Daniel Pinchbeck
We are running out of time to change the direction of our civilization…. I support the Worldwide Wave of Action because I believe we can – we must – rise to this challenge by building a planetary movement of civil society toward rapid, systemic change. I hope and I pray that you will join us. (read more)

World Wide Wave of Action looks to New Iberia, Louisiana, Dylan Ratigan
The World Wide Wave of Action is a push to evolve awareness; millions from all backgrounds coming together to express their vision for a better more connected world. Russell Brand describes it as the ultimate evolution in consciousness. I hope the essence of this cause becomes an expansion of thinking by people from all cultures. World Wide Wave of Action should focus on manifesting local solutions… here is a direct example of what I imagine the World Wide Wave of Action could inspire, if we the people expand our thinking and act with conscious precision. (read more)

Making Waves Across Our Nation and the World, Jacob Devaney
This has come to a head, first with Citizens United, and now with McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission. Though it is a coup d’etat for private enterprise that has seized control of the commons and our republic, it is a sand-castle alone on the beach as a wave crests above it. Thankfully we live in the digital era and there is a world wide wave of action beginning on April 4th. (read more)

Riding The Wave Of Action, Rivera Sun
On April 4th, the worldwide Wave of Action launches, rolling out sequences of nonviolent actions, gatherings, and events for three months until the final crescendo on July 4th. With over 600 organizations around the world participating, it seems likely that the swell of activity will demonstrate how much the Movement of Movements for social, economic, political and environmental justice has grown. (Read more)

Waves of Nationwide Actions Planned at Key Historic Moment, Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers
By expanding our ongoing protests, resistance and creation of the world we want to see during this time period and acting under a common banner of the #WaveOfAction people will see that rather than shrinking, as the media would like people to believe, the popular movement for social, economic and environmental justice is actually growing. This is the reality of our times: the world is facing multiple crises at the same time. As the popular movement intentionally escalates its actions, we will be in position to highlight these crises and to quickly escalate further if events occur that create an opportunity for rapid growth. These are times that demand each of us to step up and do more. The opportunities for rapid growth of the social movement created by the dysfunction of the rule- by-money-government are increasing in ways we can only imagine. (read more)

April 1 #WaveOfAction Organizer Call
Features Rivera Sun, John Perry Barlow, Daniel Pinchbeck, Cecily McMillan, Lee Camp, Sumumba Sobukwe, Dylan Ratigan, Patricia Ellsberg, Steven Starr and more!

Abby Martin Interviews Wave of Action Organizer David DeGraw

#WaveOfAction Is Coming, The Time Is Now To Prepare, David Swanson
If there was ever a moment to put survival and well-being ahead of politeness and obedience, this is that moment. The weather is right. The climate is right. The experience is fresh, but the participants rested. April 4th is opening day. Will you throw out the first pitch in your town? Will you do it now? Will you re-occupy everything and never give it back? This is not for show this time. This is not to send a message. This is not to make a few friends. This is to make millions of friends. This is to change the course of our culture. This is the big leagues. Rest up. Get ready. Know your power. (read more)

#WaveOfAction Into the Light

At 7:05pm EST, we will honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with candlelight vigils throughout the world.

Here is a partial list of April 4th ‪#‎WaveOfAction‬ Facebook event listings:

General Listings | New York City | London / UK | Chicago | Boston | Reno, Nevada | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Orange County, CA | Windhoek, Namibia | Philadelphia | Mississippi | Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | Amsterdam | Seville, Spain | Lansing, Michigan | 5 cities in Tennessee | Ontario, Canada | Various cities, Germany | Johannesburg, Za | Various cities, South Africa | Sydney, Australia | Brussels, Belgium | Downtown LA | San Diego |
Pittsburgh, PA
| Chile

The Worldwide Wave is incredibly decentralized, hard to keep track of everything happening. Please send info for events we have missed to

Whatever you are doing to #BeTheChange, get it on video & put #WaveOfAction in the title. Let’s show the world what we stand for!

Planting seeds in your garden? Make a video of it.
Withdrawing your money from a big bank? Make a video of it.
Handing out fliers on a street corner? Make a video of it.
Committing random acts of kindness? Make a video of it.
Having a teach-in? Make a video of it.
Using alt energy? Make a video of it.
Forming a community? Make a video of it.
Performing social services? Make a video of it.
Going to a protest? Make a video of it.
Having a candlelight vigil? Make a video of it.
Getting together w/ friends? Make a video of it.
Dancing? Make a video of it.
Singing? Make a video of it.
Meditating? Make a video of it.
Making love? Okay, you can skip the video on this one, but for anything else you are doing to #BeTheChange, get it on video and use the #WaveOfAction hashtag. Let’s show our power in numbers. United we are unstoppable!

You can find the Wave of Action on Facebook here and Twitter here.

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“Thursday March 20th’s vibration (20+3+2+0+1+4) = 30/3.” —

Happy Spring/Autumn Equinox! 3’s geometric blueprint is the TRIANGLE, the generator of LIGHT. The triangle forms the shape of the Pyramid, and the word Pyre means FIRE. The Triangle is the first enclosed form that appears in Creation, and is therefore often referred to as the “Mother of Creation”, because it is the surface through which all other shapes are birthed into creation. The warmth generated by 3’s fiery energy will be most welcome in the northern hemisphere after the harsh winter endured there! And for us in the southern hemisphere, the Autumn equinox brings the rich harvest, with 3’s energy ripening the grapes on the vine!
The creative fecundity of 3’s energy is represented in the 3rd card of the tarot, The Empress: the Mother Goddess, representing the abundant flourishing of Nature, and reflecting the cyclicity of life, death and rebirth. The Empress is ruled by Venus, and Venus seeks to harmonise and balance through love and compassion. Jupiter is ruled by the number 3 because Jupiter seeks to expand awareness and support humanity through ordered growth and multiplication, which is what the energy of the 3 does through the process of Triangulation. When Jupiter and Venus meet, creative abundance overflows, and fertility reigns.
While under the influence of the 3 the warmth and creativity of LIGHT seeks its expression through you, so today you will be able to freely express yourself, in fact you will demand freedom of expression: you will feel the need to speak your mind and you will expect others to do the same, too. There is a need to focus your creative energy on worthwhile projects – spreading yourself too thinly will dull your creative impact. A controlled fire provides warmth and enlightenment and sustains life. But a fire that is allowed to burn out of control creates havoc and damage before eventually burning itself out.
We also have the presence of the zero with 30, and the zero is the symbol of the Monad, the circle of perfection that represents the God consciousness before creation began. The zero and the circle represent the Absolute, the I AM consciousness, and this state of awareness can be accessed today. The zero offers the divine protection of this all-pervading consciousness, and will manifest itself in you as a deep-seated feeling of Faith.
The energy of the 30th card in the Tarot, the Four of Wands shows four wands planted firmly in the ground, anchoring the creative energy of the 3 into something tangible and secure. A meeting of minds and a strong loving union is expressed by the two figures in the card, each celebrating the other. This marriage signifies the balance between sun and moon, left brain/right brain.
Today can be very productive for you, and there is an air of celebration around, an aura of pride and accomplishment for jobs well done, everything is coming to fruition. In some areas of your life you will feel as though your work has been completed, and now you can reap the rewards. And with 3, you can always have fun!

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